The saga to recover my FuckedIn account continues. Now, they're not replying regarding my latest upload of ID, since the previous one they claimed it was unreadable.

I am going to spam those motherfuckers until the end of time until I have my account back. Can I not sue them for incompetence?

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    Had some luck contacting their support team on twitter/X - never thought i'd have to install that piece of crap, but pushing all channels is the way to go.

    still took me over 14 days to regain access to my account, not least because they kept just disabling the 2FA some hacker kid had enabled without resetting my password, so he just kept enabling it.

    i always thought it'd be easy to regain access to tertiary accounts since i always have my e-mail secure, but when you allow 2FA activation without email confirmation, that goes out the fucking window.
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    it even doesn't allow me to sign up , so I still have no acc there
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