Yes, yes, keep asking detailed "how are we going" pressure questions to me, surely that will improve my performance and not make me lose focus!

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    So how's it going?
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    daily standup, "casual" coffee machine line talk, afternoon meeting, and some short "do you have a minute" interruptions = the bad side of corporate work culture
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    Just say ”still in progress”

    To prove a point: one time you can say ”I think I’m done in 1 hour” and then 1 hour later go ”Oh no that was totally incorrect, it’ll take many more hours, unsure how long. Woops that was misleading. - isn’t it’s better if I don’t try to do guesstimates since there’s such a high risk they are misleading? Let me just tell you when it’s done, and until then I’ll just say its in progress. To avoid misleading info” 😈
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    @jiraTicket that wouldn't work for me. Everything requires a date, even dates. We call those date for dates...
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    @lungdart LOL at ”dates for dates”

    I now remember working in a project that di that

    Once a manager booked a meeting about deciding when we could book the actual meeting for deciding when we would start talking about some task.
    I declined.
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