Do you want to use text to speech huh? Ha ha ha here’s a low battery pop up to completely derail what you were saying and make you repeat the last 10 seconds.

an actual good design would have waited until the text to speech function was complete to pop up the message or at least don’t stop recording what’s being said. But I guess I don’t understand innovation.

Think different indeed

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    Wow your 10 seconds speech was interrupted due to an exceptional event that occurs just once per month or so? That’s clearly a very common problem that should have been addressed. How can they ignore something so obvious and important? All of the employees should be fired and put into prison!
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    @Lensflare prison is a little harsh, but waterboarding would be good.
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    @Demolishun hey, they overlooked a use case that caused one of their users to lose 10 seconds of some speech that he wanted to convert to text. The employees can be considered lucky not getting a death sentence!
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    @Lensflare death by snu snu!
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    @Lensflare Your love of innovation is inspiring. I guess I could just upgrade the battery in my iphone to prevent this from happening again.

    I've repented my evil ways. Apple hobbling every single input method this phone has is clearly an innovation my tiny brain can't process. It was my fault for thinking I was supposed to be able to interact with it, as opposed to just showing it off as a status symbol.
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    @cuddlyogre yeah sure. Even if you tried to reproduce this on purpose, you wouldn’t be able to. And now you act like that is going to happen all the time. Yeah, I get it, you hate being forced to use Apple stuff against your will. Now you try very hard to find literally any litte imperfection to justify your proclaimed antipathy. Even non issues like this one.
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    @Lensflare What incentive do you have to defend Apple, a soulless multinational corporation that does not know who you are, and if they did, would sell your soul to Satan for a corn chip?

    You defend it as if it were personal. I truly cannot understand it.
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    @cuddlyogre I’m not defending Apple. I would react exactly the same if it was Windows or Android.
    Your rant is ridiculous and is very personal due to your hate for Apple. I’m not taking it personal.
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    @cuddlyogre If you had just ranted about being annoyed by that low battery thing, it would be completely fine. I would support that.

    But no, you tried your best to make it look like it’s something very typical for Apple and that it’s considered a design philosophy to make such things.

    Dude, it’s a simple oversight, and a very irrelevant one.

    That is what triggers me.

    And just FYI: I’m ranting about Apple things now and then as well.
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    @Lensflare Every time I try to input text into this thing, it's a pain. The keyboard actively fights the user whether you're using typing or swiping. When I give up and try voice to text, it's also awful. The only reason it doesn't happen often is because I don't use the feature often. If I did, you'd see this post about 5 times a week.

    It is absolutely awful as a communication device. It is exhausting to use.

    It is even further exhausting to have zealots clad in Apple branded aluminum unibody armor tell me it's all in my head.
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    @cuddlyogre you already ranted about your keyboard problem like 5 times. And that’s ok.
    But this rant here is about a different issue.
    Again, your rant is clearly nothing more than an excuse to express your hatred about Apple. And to do that, you nitpick about the slightest, most obscure and irrelevant edge case that could ever happen.
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