Yes former technical person who is now a business person. Please, please advise me on my job with your decaying outdated skills. Yes, google for me. I didn't know how to do that. Ah wonderful yes, you recall this being "easy" which is why you quit the field. What a nice time this is.

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    I saw the devrant tag and thought "dfox has finally had enough of this crap."
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    Hey... you dont seem to realise that you can be outdated af and still way more capable than the vast majority of current devs... Im so outdated that i stopped getting chatgpt to comment my code cuz it kept calling me legacy... but do you know how to write drivers from scratch, no manual and no branding/etc to go from? I do... know how to hide a root kit that you can ping directions to even when the dev battery is too empty to attempt to start? ...i do...lightweight drivers, changing the battery firmware to set 0% at a bit higher, and writing the trigger into BIOS, conserving power by activating at specific timed intervals via the BIOS clock.

    Yeah... idfk wtf most of the current framework bs is and i like it that way,. fav editor= notepad.exe, highly skilled at several effectively useless (w/o an apocalyptic event) skills-- manually bootloading windows w/ GRUB and knowing fortran. But if/when an apocalypse comes, im pure value despite being annoying, handicap, costly and no uterus.
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    Basically... though people like me are a rare dying breed... the shit we know isnt even taught in schools... but its because its so outdated and basic af that we can not only adapt to whatever... we can do shit that you, and all the current devs, and security measures, wouldn't even consider watching out for ... or cant access even if they tried.

    But honestly, that guy is likely just a whiny failure who got tired of basic code monkey life
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