Making GitLab Ux useable?

We're using GitLab mainly for issue tracking (lots of DevOps, Ops, Oops otherwise), however I find it a bit cumbersome that there's no central way to interact with them.
I have to click through groups and projects to find issues and then go back and forth between the list and each item.

Anybody got suggestions? Am I missing sth? is there a plugin or 3rd party thing?

I just wanna see all issues in the company and quickly check what needs to be done where

We could use sth. else entirely but we currently have so many tools with overlapping features that it would feel kinda stupid

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    on another look maybe we got the hierarchy wrong and should move everything into a single group (with subprojects and stuff) that might solve part of the problem
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    There are just times when you question everything GitLab and why you're here. Is it a group, or is it a subgroup, or maybe project? Which issue does this task belong to, and why its comments don't open on mobile? Where is start date on issues?
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