Why the fuck does a company put such crappy antivirus software on your PC you can't even compile code.

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    because regulations.
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    Compile code? Isn't that dangerous?
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    If you can set an exclusion for places files change often. I have to do this with Windows Defender so that it won't constantly scan my directories I compile in. I also do this with software that generates modded setups for games. Otherwise it just bogs the system down.
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    Or just straight yeet software because you failed to update within an hour of a new upgrade..

    Few things as frustrating as coming back from lunch only to find Docker, editors and maybe even your browser is silently uninstalled.

    What’s more frustrating is needing to pester IT dept. for a person with authority to, to authorize admin actions…
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    As much as I hate bad IT departments

    I figure that security is hard and for a company where most employees are not devs - one of the most obvious things to guard against is unexpected binaries being compiled and run

    But it is of course madness if the IT dept does not take into account that is what some devs do all day
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    Virus scanners however are a hail merry for when you are basically already are or about to be infected.

    With luck it's something the thing recognises. Most of the time it's just taking control and resources. This process can bog down I/O, interfere with fancy software layers like file abstractions.

    Ideally stuff is checked at network level only.
    This way it has more context and only checks incoming stuff (added periodic full disk/memory scan for updated definition and detection capabilities). That would solve the compilation slowdown.
    Unfortunately encryption makes this approach impossible. The incoming data only makes sense to the application that decrypts it and thus we try and scan it when it hits storage no longer discriminating.
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    @hjk101 "Ideally stuff is checked at network level only. " - ideally, this isn't actually possible - because ideally, everything is transmitted e2e-encrypted.
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