There's a senior dev at work who deflects and delays every project while working on his own freelance jobs most of the day. Fortunately, my performance is not tied to his.

Hero, or villain?

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    Intelligent for sure
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    They skip work, period?

    Or do they get the work done - but just outside office hours?
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    If I was working with him I would be pissed.
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    Can't appreciate it. I call a guy like that a bastard. Such guys are bad for morales, his demotivation for the company spreads like a cancer amongst coworkers
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    @jiraTicket it's more conniving. He bamboozles BA's / PM's into long estimates, then uses the extra time to work on his own projects during office hours.

    I think he's able to get away with it because my work allows developers to spin off their own agency brands. So, the behavior of someone doing it properly looks similar to someone who is gaming the system.

    I don't say anything because it doesn't affect me directly (for now).
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    @bosslogic it sounds like it might be a policy issue then.
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    Don't hate the player...
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