Wtf... kids coding by google. I cant figure out the shortest route for this last level. Any ideas???

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    install git
    open your terminal
    type in "git gud"
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    You can change the number in the for loop, took me ages to work that out
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    @alwaysmpe thank you for that!! That will make it easier
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    @teganburns hahaha i was sitting in a corner crying all morning. Thanks for the confirmation thats the right thing to do right now
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    Thank you! Now i can sleep in peace
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    @Halamix2 haha true!
    Google counted this as short enough for "shortest solution" though, so i stopped optimizing :)
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    Is it just me or do you feel like a cheat if the solution should make the bunny fall and it doesn't?
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    @ctrlz That's the exact soliton I did! I just set the loop to 40, couldn't be bothered working it out 😂
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