Mozilla has gone to shit long ago, but this week they somehow have outdone Microsoft on enshitification spree. One post is enough.

My two cents: https://techhub.social/@vintprox/...

Entire thread: https://techhub.social/@mozilla@moz...

Turns out those "Community Calls" they've hosted are just a ploy to damage control Mozilla's first steps into AI crap, back when they added prompts to MDN Web Docs. Fast-forward to today and even most loyal Firefox users should get enraged. Call me surprised (no pun intended).

So, Waterfox and Librewolf it is, then... Or Vivaldi, who cares at this point, really.

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    That emoji was not something I needed to see
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    @AlgoRythm Sorry! :( There are no CWs in here.

    Just a random ddg images creepypasta that I quickly slapped mozilla on. The effort put from me here is reflective of how much thinking was done before they crap-fed the audience.
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    Well this answers the questions of my internal monologue.

    I've been trying to decide if i should just make an app version of thunderbird so i can manage my loads of inboxes (~30). Cuz if i end up just making my own for android ill end up wanting to make the small additional leap to just replacing tbird all together. Seems like i should.
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