Anyone have ideas for an independent study cs project? I'd like to do something advanced(I have a full semester to complete it). I'm pretty interested in anything dealing with ML or networking. Comment if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Fully automate your couch, so that you never have to get up. Use CNN, KNN, RNN, SGD, SVM and ResNet to determine when you're thirsty, need a pizza delivered and predict when a drone with the piss pot needs to appear. Use Word2Vec for the voice assistant. And A brain to computer interface to avoid using your hands. Let you feed you with a industrial robot. Turn this into a product and pitch it to IKEA, it'll sell like crazy!

    Do you know the movie Idiocracy? 😄
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    @heyheni Haha. For real though, any suggestions?
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    @mcorr see if IEEE has any student competitions either current or recent. Pick one you
    Like but scale back the requirements a bit so that you can finish on time
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