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A few days ago I completed my one year work anniversary(is that how it's said) at my first job. And this rant is basically stuff I learnt and stuff I wish someone had told me when I was starting out. Here goes:-

When you are starting out your first job you would be a fresh out of college and people around you in college are your friends where as people around you at work are colleagues. Your friends can like you, but you have to earn the respect of colleagues.

If you sit yo ass too long u will become fat(started going to the gym again).

Don't bother your seniors too much. they have their own shit to deal with.

Don't bring your personal shit to office I don't want to hear how cute your dog looked while it took a dump on your carpet.

Avoid the person who gossips.
It's a two way street.

Whatever you find amazing your boss may not you know coz you are a geek and your boss isn't.

Don't talk to people when they are coding.Yeah just don't.

Avoid "below the belt" humor you may look funny but you loose respect in the long run.

Keep upgrading yourself don't stop learning.

Admit stuff you don't know don't Bullshit.

To sum it up it's a game of respect, respect of knowledge,respect of skill and most of all respect of attitude.

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    Wait, so you're saying that colleagues can't be friends?
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    @simo002m they can, of course they can, if they want and after a path of mutual respect earning.
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    Some points are good but some I don’t agree with. You make it sound like it’s a game. Work should be fun where you learn and have a good time with your colleagues. If not then I would look for another place.

    I’m always having fun with my team and just yesterday we went out for burgers and beers. We’re all the same age (mid 20s) so it comes natural.
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    @zshh I'm also in my mid 20s and when I joined my work that was what.i thought but my perception changed. Few points are subjective and is applicable to where you work
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    I'm wondering if giving a note to somebody that says you wanna talk when they're done is as bad as just straight up interrupting?
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    @0xcmf exactly bro
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    @Audy I usually send a message on Slack to the one I want to talk to/ask a question. Then they can answer when they have time.
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