Global rant.
A friend who studied with me in the software engineering degree, told me that they use source control, but only with commits.
No branches no nothing.
Now, I understand when a company won't work without source control but how can you work with source control without branches? In a start-up? With more than 10 deve?


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    Either their projects are all self contained, single developer... Or someone there is pulling their fucking hair out on a regular basis about the perpetual state of "does not build".

    Bigger issue is: how can 10 self respecting developers not use some kind of collab flow with their vcs?

    Oh it could be one of those dirty old vcs-es that requires only one person working on a file at a time?
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    It is so annoying!
    How can people collaboration like it ?
    I came from a none dev background to the studies.
    Yet I used git the minute we started to collaboration in courses.it was obvious
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    @purpletoxicrain I feel like it comes from not knowing any better...

    You only have to have one big fuck up to learn to work properly.
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    We did that a long time with visual source safe.. crappiest tool ever. I think a lot of people are afraid to migrate.. dunno if that's really true, but I think that it is a possible reason
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