So how the fuck am I meant to get any work done with no admin access to my machine, no access to the databases I need to work with, firewall rules stopping me from doing anything from AWS so I can’t get to my data? Deadline in about a week... fuck that noise!

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    Are we at the same company? I can relate so much!
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    Just write unit tests extensively, and let them choke on the integration tests.
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    @holl We may well be. They are big enough lol. Until recently we had escaped most of the corporate bullshit by being in a satellite office.
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    @AndSoWeCode Writing unit tests has been called ‘a waste of time when we are under this pressure’ and how does one write tests without knowing even the shape of the data that one is working with?
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    @ridecar2 well, if the tasks are not specified, do a "Hello World" application, and when asked, answer "Works on my machine, and I don't have knowledge of any other machines"
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