So I just got this email from a tech company, I registered to send my CV some years ago , about a dev Job openning.

The descripition included:
Java and Angular ( first red flag )

So I go to their site to check it out ...
No https, ping the domain returns an ip from another continent with 500+ ms latency.

Major flaws on the site usability...
Super dumb password recovery method...

I'm fucking outta here dude. I might send them a proposition to fix their servers and at least put it behind letsencrypt though...

And these morons have big clients, like my bank... wtf...

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    hahahah just found out they have a Jira standalone on that server, fuck you I'm not masochist to fiddle with Jira all day long with 500+ ms on a bloated server.
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    Your bank. Damn, you must be feel insecure now
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    Ha ha ha, i was ROFL on no https
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    Wow. You should not have dug in so deep. How can you ever be at ease with your bank now.
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