I got inspired to make my code as closest to perfection as possible for me by my uncle. Seriously - he was real handyman.

Once he had an accident in his car (I think it was Škoda 100) because of the drunk pedestrian. The car engine was ruined, as like back of the car. He disassembled the car bolt by bolt (he was writing all the actions in his notebook). He then bought exact parts and paint (which wasn’t easy in 80’s Poland) and fixed the car alone in his garage.
Even tho everyone was telling him to give up, it will not work, etc. the car started at the first try and you couldn’t spot any damage. Even the paint on the body was matched 1:1.

This story inspires me to don’t give up and try to do my job as best as possible - even if everyone else says I can’t do it.

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