Writes code.
Doesn't work as intended.
Works as intended.
Tests other scenarios.
Don't work as intended.
Works as intended in scenarios.
Scenario 1 fails.
Stares at code.
Staring doesn't work as intended.

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    Write tests.
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    "staring doesn't work as intended" 😅
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    @plusgut been trying to figure out how to do this for game dev. This particular incident I'm thinking may be a good application. So you're right. Not much experience with unit testing and TDD sadly. Today isnt a bad time to improve on that.
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    Neither the fuck goes as intended
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    @jusjoin I think it's very difficult to do for game dev. The application states are far more complex than in other applications, because the player/user has a lot more freedom.

    In case you find a working approach don't forget to tell us about it. :P
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    @theCalcaholic Addendum: Unit tests for the scripts you write in unity should be easy though. My former comment mainly applies to end to end testing.

    However that makes TDD still difficult.
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    Debug vs release build? I had an issue where the code worked fine in debug but not in release. That code was using reflection to determine the calling method and the compiler optimised the release build so the calling methods didn't natch.
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