Get off my hands! I'm trying to work 😒

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    You horrible human! Why are you giving all your attention to useless box thing with light illuminating from the glass part of the box, when you can pay attention to the cute kitty?
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    Pet. The. Kitty.



    P🐱 E🐱 T
    T🐱 H🐱 E
    K🐱 I🐱 T🐱 T🐱 Y
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    Reminds of what happed few days ago, was taking a walk and saw a cat pooping and she gave me that look:
    Move a long human, nothing to see here

    While having her eyes wide open and moving her head as I move away lol
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    Yeah human. Get your hands out of that kitty. Can't you see it's working on judging code
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    @TriangleMayn they like warm things
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    I miss having a kitty to do this to me while I type 😭
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    Isn't DevRant kinda of a Kitty Replacement?

    It definitely hold you back from working ^^
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    I have the same problem with my cat xD She comes, jumps up on my leg and then rest in my arm looking me like "don't move, you are mine".
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    I wont allow any cat to come near my laptop anymooooooore
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    @falmesino after she pissed on it ?? 🤔😅
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    @gitpush “he” 🤣
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    @gitpush “he” 🤣
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    @falmesino he needs to be punished 😒
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    Sexy KITTY
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