I installed one of those alarm apps that doesn't stop until you solve some puzzle or simple equation..

I ended up by uninstalling it when the first time the alarm started..

The problem is, I don't remember how I did it.. just I woke up a little late and the app not found..

I guess I was really tired !

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    Unfortunately I know android enough to always find a way to kill it
    Need another solution :(
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    @lazyDev @Kimmax Maybe make an alarm at every 5-min interval for 20 mins? To make it worse, put your phone far away from your bed.
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    @Japorized like this? :D
    Putting it away.. Well Im sure I'd most likely just ignore it
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    @Kimmax Yeah, but that looks like it’s late for working hours, at least from my usual notion of working hours.
    And just put it just so that you have to get out of bed to shut it off but loud enough to disturb you.
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    @Japorized it's a 10 minute walk from home and I have to show up around 10am
    Enough time for a quick shower and eat a bite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Kimmax 10-min work away from work!? Wow... I tend to choose some place that’s a little far for me to get to, so that I can really separate myself away from work. And I love having a nice morning before work, making myself something nice for breakfast and lunch, and sipping on a good cup of coffee, tea or chocolate. The day doesn’t feel right without those for me, and I’d be less productive without them.
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    Any recommendations on an alarm app?
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    I use sleep as android and had to enable barcode scanning because i will turn off everything else in my sleep. So now i have to get up and scan a bottle in the bathroom. It's brutal but it beats over sleeping because you can't trust your sleeping self 😂
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    @lazyDev try alarmy, that's shit on another level not only it can stop you from uninstalling the app but also stop you from switching off your phone. These inbuilt features are awesome.
    Either you solve their puzzle or you can break your phone.
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    @drekhi12 I still need my phone bro !
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