You know what I hate? When people don't listen to me.
You know what I love? When shit blows up in their faces because they didn't listen to me

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    Can relate way more than I'd like to
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    These people make me so angry!
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    This is gold @1989
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    This happens like 98% of the time I warn people about what's going to happen.

    1% of the time they listen,
    1% of the time my predictions are off.

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    @darthtigris, are you some sort of God? I mean, we are not doing religion here so that everyone have to listen/obey without questioning.
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    @jAsE that totally hit home
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    @vadimg No way mate. I don't ask for obedience, just trust. I'm not always right, and I screw up too. But when I say something I _know_ with 100% certainty and confidence and people don't listen, that's when it gets messy
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