Apparently today is going to be 39 Celsius.

Do you think my work would frown upon a bearded hairy guy wearing a dress? 👗

I have a meeting with some business people too... Do you think they would mind?


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    @ThatDude when I woke up it was -20 C here :)
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    @ThatDude Canadians can be tall :P we come from all over the place
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    Two words: Kilt.

    .. Wait what?
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    That is pretty much how it is where I live 24 7 all day err day. Even right now in december, the lowest it will go is 4 C and then in the afternoon would be high 20s...i hate this fucking weather....and I am a native, I grew up in the fucking heat but I absolutely hate it. It would get to -19 C in S. Korea and I was happy as fuck freezing my ass in complete fucking enjoyment.
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