I almost died crossing the street today.
I saw all the code i ever wrote pass before my eyes.

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    Same, but I only saw the good code I wrote. My vision was entirely clear.
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    anytime i look at my old code..i am like who the f*** wrote..wait a minute :(
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    @bondman this means you are improving or else you'd always see your code as the best thing written
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    @bondman that's why this is actually a rant 😂
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    @AlgoRythm lol me too!
    But it may be related to the fact i was thinking about my code when i was crossing the street with headphones and a coffee.
    I think the driver was also on his phone.
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    @ThatDude sometimes we make good choices in life 👍
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    That's so sweet
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    every odd line started with:
    // FIXME:...

    #rantEnhancement #thingsHeDidntSay

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    Did you finally find that missing semicolon?
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