The Adventures of my Project Manager.
--- Part 1

a little back story first:
The project manager is the CEO's younger brother.
end of back story.

PM: Hey, we should stop using Nodejs on our API.
ME: Why?
PM: I don't see why it is necessary when we could make our android app talk directly with MongoDB.

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    What a brilliant idea ;)

    That way its easy to implement new features, you only need to change the client :D

    There is no risk with this 8-D

    And when we are at it, lets remove all locks in doors, unlocking costs unnecessary time and prevents someone who forgot their keys to enter.

    Give the man a lollipop ;)
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    Why would you need an Android app when your users can directly connect to the database? @fullName you need to rethink your solutions :P
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    And that guy went on to start parse * facepalm *
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    @gitpush you know, afterwards, I had to explain my PM the absurdity of what he just said in front of all other devs.

    We all laughed afterwards :D... behind his back
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    @fullName hope he understood why you need that API lol
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    Sometimes you need to laugh at peoples faces @fullName
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    Buy a textbook on application architecture, proceed to beat PM to death with it. Won't happen again.
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    We had a guy in our company that built server SQL with Client JS and called it against our DB. We found it during an error in a log told us that the query was way too long for database......
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