I just tested a VPS and it was kind of impressive: I just had shared hosting until now and it is a total difference when you're having full root access.
Kind of hating these greedy shared hosting fuckers now ;)
Because it was just for testing purposes, I wanted to try the mysterious command "rm -rf / --no-preserve-root".
It was working for around 5 minutes and after that literally no command worked anymore!
Not even reboot worked :P
Then I tried reboot it via the VPS panel :) End of the story: vps panel chrashed with error message: unable to start vps :P
I thought it was kind of funnny and nice to share & thanks for reading 'til here!

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    U know u couldve just done the same on virtual machine?
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    And that's why you don't get root privileges on my shared hosting server. :)
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    @myss to be honest: nevert thought about that :P yeah but it was kinda funny anyway :) but indeed that would have been more easier -- but I had no vm running, as I was on my tablet with PuTTY, due to the tablet's specs...
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    @davidcraven I wouldn't do that in a real live scenario, of course :) but I has clear advantages of having the ability to do some stuff at root level
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    @moagggi Yes, it has. But Shared Hosting usually implies Managed Services. And that implies that I have to repair things that are broken in the system.
    And that means that I'd have to fix shit users would break if they had root privileges. :D
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