DEV dream journal: I dreamed about a decentralized A.I. that injected itself on every device and reprodused itself on a 3D printer. Well, in the end some sort of super quantum computer killed it tho. 🤣 should go out more often and stop watching terminator

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    Maybe the book "Deamon" from Daniel Suarez is something for you. But I'm Not sure if it is available in english
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    @2xCmet thanks for the suggestion/recommendation. In which language is the original?
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    I read it in German but I just googled and realised the author is American and the Book is also available in english so, it shouldn't be Hard to get.
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    @2xCmet Ich hätte auch kein Problem wenn es Deutsch wäre😁. Aber wenn das Original auf English verfasst wurde, dann lieber auf Englisch.
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