My wife. She's also my best friend.

Back then, when we were just flirting, I helped her and her friends(they were all medicine students) with their programming courses which included sql and html. I guess that help led us the way we're here now.

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    But WHY!? do they teach med students HTML and SQL? I have a background in medicine and technology and I know med student are really great at medicine, but let them please specialise in that (for it's already so complex) instead of learning some computer science basics. *facepalm*

    Please enlighten me if you think otherwise. Also, I think the kids of today that grow up with computers and basic programming will do more programming in the future, even in non-programming jobs like medicine. But today, medicine is just too classical, traditional, conservative and complex to spend time on SQL and HTML. Or am I wrong?
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    Oh and my GF, 8 years going strong, we studied the same and we did some data science together, but I was always more inclined towards the programming stuff. She's still doing research and I still help her every day with all her analyses. Keeps me sharp with those skills, while in my daily work I'm an Android dev in a field that does no medical research.
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    @eeee Good point. I'm interested as well.
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    same here, except that I ran a fork bomb on her machine
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    @eeee In some universities over here, they teach med students how to create "simple web pages" and have some coding sessions, why? I don't know but it makes sense for me due the following reasons:

    • Coding it's logical thinking
    • Meds generates a fucking lot of data, and Excel Spreadsheets aren't the best way to help with big data and data mining
    • It doesn't hurt to know

    I mean, if people in other fields could standardize to generate REAL databases, instead of giving you some random CSV or Spreadsheet that you have to parse and adapt so you can process and extract info from the data, that'd be awesome.

    Maybe SQL it's overkill, but only if they want to teach med students about OLAP stuff, but when we're talking about storing data and displaying it, it's easy. Add to that maybe some classes on Python (science preferred lang AFAIK) and they'll be able to generate incredible things that aren't some fucking bar graphs and basic medians.
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    Nice explanation. Although "it doesn't hurt to know" is weak reasoning, I agree that it doesn't.

    I'd recommend languages like Python with numpy, MATLAB with the statistics and machine learning toolbox or R. I've been told Stata is suitable for data analysis too.

    In The Netherlands, IBM SPSS is the de facto standard thrown at students without any statistics, data science or informatics experience or knowledge. It hurts me to see them struggling with that big pile of crap software, while basic programming skills can help them actually understand the mathematics and numerical computing.

    Problem is that most people simply just can't understand programming basics with statements like x = 1.
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    INSERT INTO wife(holes) values 'peenor';
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    @jamescodesthing what's a peenor?
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    @Pointer yeah, I got that. Was that a typo or another word for it?
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    @AllenII I really don't know, to be honest
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    @Pointer I think it's bad that I honestly believe you 😂😂😂
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