A recruiter just invited me to Christmas dinner at her home to "discuss some business opportunities", so there's that.

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    Oh wow, are you going to crash it? :D
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    She wants something solid from you. That's for sure
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    so you're her crown jewel 😄
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    Wow they are getting more and more desperate
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    I can only imagine her poor mother, wanting to finally spend some time with her workaholic daughter, and there she is at the Christmas table surrounded by all her business contacts while her mother sits alone in a corner in the kitchen😢
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    @jsframework9000 omg, that sounds so sad. Yet, it's probably the regular recruiter Christmas dinner.
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    Recruiter: so I heard you were skilled in javascript
    You: actually, java, thats another...
    Recruiter: Bah! Humbug!
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    @aaxa @IllSlapU It can not be anything sexual. Recruiters don't have genitals, they were constructed with a nice face and a limited vocabulary, just enough to do their work.
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    Isn't it a bit offensive though to invite a stranger on Christmas? Doesn't it imply that she thinks you have no family or friends that you need to be with in Christmas?
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    @YousifMansour I don't ever take invitations as offensive, but christmas dinner is indeed a bit strange as a first "date" with no prior face-to-face contact.
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    Sounds awkward and creepy as hell.
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    @bittersweet no I mean like wouldn't she think you have other things to be doing on Christmas? Like why on Christmas?
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    postpone it to new years eve, "talking" over champagne is probably more fun 🥂🍾🎇
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    @bittersweet so you haven't had any face to face contact yet?
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    @404response No just a few chats on LinkedIn and email.
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    @YousifMansour the theme of the evening is a virgin who had a baby in a shed and then had a bunch of animals and kings over... so on a scale of that, how weird is this
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    @bittersweet whatever happens and whichever kind of job you may get that evening,

    I wish you good luck :)
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    @stevenliemberg even if they sleep together it's not like she's gonna give birth on the same day..
    But I get what you mean. Still, it doesn't sound romantic to me. I would find it offensive to be asked out this way.
    I mean asking a girl for dinner on Christmas.. would she not find it offensive?
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    Plot twist..... naah, couldn’t come up with a plot twist... so yeah, good luck ;)
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    You're gonna have your organs harvested or end up in some weird recruiter cult.

    Or you're going to have a wonderful Herbalife dinner, and hear a wonderful opportunity to go into business with a rapidly growing group of multi level marketers.

    Enjoy your new life, whatever it is.
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    @iatanasov D? you mean SystemD?
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    Sounds sexy
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    @iatanasov yes.
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    tonight 🍾
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    So how's it going
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    I've opted to play some Overwatch Arcade mode and down an expensive bottle of cognac.

    I mean really, seems like the better option.
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    Holy shit, it's the first time I'm saying I wish a female recruiter would call me for a Xmas dinner at her place
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