I made a friend this week through work

She's called Miriam

I know we're friends because we talk every day

5 times a day

Because she keeps calling

Every time she asks for my CEO, I tell her he won't be in until after Christmas but sure enough she calls back an hour and a half later, asking for the same person

But the weirdest part is she's calling from a legitimate, large company. It's not a cold call. So, why?

If anyone works at Proventa, tell Miriam to stop.


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    She could just be ringing to talk to you... 😍
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    Then start calling her each half hour 15 minutes after she called you that he wont be in. Lets see who can keep it up longer xD
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    Ask her out

    She will either stop calling, or you will have a date
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    @Linux or unemployment!! xD
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    Just friends?.........with little bit effort, you can be more than that!!
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