Anyone got a friend who replies to your texts with a minimum 2-5 min delay?

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    Why? Do you need one?

    How much are you willing to pay?
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    @Andi I meant it in an annoying way... 😂
    Imagine you replying in real time and the other end replies with so much buffer time!!
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    @AnonymusPanther Thanks for the explanation though not necessary...
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    @Andi well rants are free of cost 😂
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    @wolt I don't get notifs (signal messages, I block google from my phone so I don't get gcm notifs) so regularly even a 30+ minute delay haha
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    2-5 minutes that's a lot time to reply!! my friend never goes offline. xD
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    5 minutes? That's cute. I sometimes only answer within days. And a friend of mine can take weeks to respond. And that's fine (as long as you can handle that).

    People just have different things going on in their life.

    Just because technology allows for being available 24/7 doesn't mean I will be available right away just because I was texted. And neither do I expect that of friends.
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    2-5 minimum? Latest reply I ever got was ~a month.

    I had wiped my phone during this time so I can't know for sure. 🙃
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    I do

    Though my response time varies from 3 seconds up to 1 week
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