A rant about people in general:

I am sick of people not caring, not giving a fuck, not valuing others.

Studying CS this is something I noticed the past year: people tend to not acknowledge that there are other human beings around them.

Some are just focused on getting their degree done and dusted as fast as possible, which is fine.
Some are working to pay the rent or student loans, which is fine.
Others just do their thing, code their stuff, criticize other's code... which is also fine.

But nobody's realizing they're interacting with other people! Other living, feeling human beings. For them it's just about getting it done.

And not just at university.
I've started seeing it everywhere.

At the job I'm working, people in the shops and on the streets.

I don't get it. We are all human on this rocky sphere in space. Why do so many not care for each other?

It makes me sad.

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    @busuu First of: Thank you, your comment provides a good example of what I meant.

    I mean... Fuck: Telling someone to die because they're weak? What? :D

    I am not talking about people like you being bad or wrong in doing what you want.
    I am talking about not only seeing yourselves!

    You think I am weak? Well fuck it! I do not like being alone. I like working together and depending on good people. It's called trust.
    And there is nothing wrong with it.

    I am sorry that you think the way you do and I hope that someday someone will show you why.
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    People reflect others behavior, so it's a "they don't care, so i won't"- cycle.

    You can't change the world, but you can be positive and others will reflect that as well. I always try to be really nice to personal from supermarkets, bakeries and stuff. As a result, most of them react quite positive as well and i like how people are sometimes surprised by being treated nice :-D
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    @SHA-16384 exactly, I think that money, politics and religion puts most people (and I have to include myself in there) into "rat-race" mode, only caring for themselves and maybe their family

    and it always blows my mind how an astrophysical perspective makes all this thing look stupid...
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