so what do think ? - i built an entire app with html pages.
With client side - angularjs and
server side - .net webapis working with sql db. The app has over 100 forms and works crazy fast in html form compared to the same form in an aspx. Should I leave it this way or do you guys see any problems with it. All forms are post and https enabled site. Open to constructive criticism and don't be a dick

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    First - I am a dick whenever and as much as I like
    Second - that's perfectly fine as long as it's easy to maintain
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    @Kimmax Its html with forms in it and follows a standard thats documented, so someone with very little html know-how should be able to maintain it.
    Same goes for db objects and webapis
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    Yes, there are hundreds of html pages that are just forms> I'm using SPA arch to render the view.Its pretty much like a website except it has add/edit/delete functionality to it.
    Nope, used a HTML editor to build HTML pages, designed the app such that angularjs posts the entire form object as json and webapi passes the entire json object to db. The db parses JSON (sql 2016) which also has a field indicating action (add/edit/delete) and processes it accordingly and acknowledges the action.
    Experiment phase - I did try initially building a few forms using aspx (MVC) and found them to be slow compared to the plain old html pages.
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    @insanealec ya i have a library of services to validate data and then additional validations in the webapi and finally fairly stronger checks at the db
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