For some reason, when testing if a block of code is firing, I always do console.log('fart'); More often than not I forget to remove it before going to production. I feel good knowing that's out there on dozens of sites right now.

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    I always console.log("IT'S WORKING")
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    My logging code has a passion for profanity. So whenever I am looking at logcat it looks something like this:

    INFO: fuck
    WARNING: fuckfuck
    ERROR: fuckfuckfuck
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    console.log('its alive!!1')
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    console.log("Beep! <func/name>");
    // ...
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    I use banana mostly, people in my team always look at me in a weird way when I forget to remove em xD
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    @edisonn I've never seen that happen.
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    @edisonn who codes for IE anyways?!
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    I feel bad for using IE for some things now XD
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