Employer: "You know Html5 and Css3??

Me: "Of course! And Javascript."

Employer: "GREAT! We develope WordPress."

Me: 😊😊😊👋💣

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    Wp is mostly PHP?
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    Same when they told me about joomla. K tnx bye
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    I still took the job..
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    Thanx hehe but I'm also going to be learning about SEO so that's a++

    ...I hope.
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    I dont know but good luck. Something i really hate about php. Sorry but it is true.

    Happy 2018 and no php inside.
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    @Kekica thanks Happy NY to you as well :D I don't mind PHP but Wordpress is not really my thing
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    I can't say I know what developeing is
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    @omegaD I was that drunk that I commented twice on same rant xD happy new year 😊
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