How do you explain git for non-techies? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    @Alice oops, typo.... 🤔😬😬😅
    Thanks for mentioning this before the 5 minute limit 🤗
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    @ebourgess I would also add that it's like a storage for code. Probably using books as an analogy would help 🤔
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    Think of github as an online hard drive.. when we clone we are trying to download a copy of the contents of our online hard drive to our local hard drive.. the code being the files and repository is the root directory.. branches are folders that have master folder and your working branch(folder).. every changes can be done freely with the code and it’s files.. think of it as edit mode and once you commit this will be like preparing a list of all the files you have changed.. once you push the files you are trying to save everything to your online hard drive..pull is basically trying to get the latest changes of your target branch(folder)...merging is trying to copy the contents of your working branch(folder) to your master folder(branch)
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    It's like a file clerking system or you could say an evidence exchange. Effectively multiple people are working in one thing at different times through a unified system to know the work being done so it's never overwritten.

    Thats how I usually say it.
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    Its a way to store and track change history
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    A register with stores all information(code, configs, docs) along with its audit trails.

    Anyone who has a permission can edit the information in the register and also gets an entry in audit trail (just in case to find the culprit of a change later)

    Hope, I explained myself clearly.
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    Firstly ,git as in gif ,and not jit
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    You don't. It's what makes us mysterious.
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    @codebanana @mojojojo doppelganger except the tee
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    It's a time machine. It comes with a book containing everything that happened, so you can go back in time to any point in the book.
    You can add things to the book, ofc.
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    It's like Word's track changes feature, but more complicated and for code.
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    Its a Goddamn Idiotic Truckload of sht.-Linus
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