The amount of much political correctness in the dev community just pisses me off sometimes.

I've watched "Use the right tool / language for the job" has become *THE* excuse for shitty tools and languages. 

Case in point -- JavaScript. If you want to make a website that interacts with the end user, the right tool is JavaScript. But that's because IT'S THE ONLY TOOL. Does that make it a *good* tool?



Brendan Eich, I forgive you. You had 10 days and a corporation on your case.

That's not saying JavaScript doesn't have some good things in it. It does. But "Javascript the good parts" is a fucking thin book.

Sure, some amazing things have been written in JavaScript. Great communities have coalesced around this cancer.


A master can draw great art with a shitty piece of charcoal. That doesn't make charcoal THE BEST DRAWING TOOL EVARRR. It's just a testament to the master's craft.

If you started your programming journey with JavaScript, do expand your horizons.

Break free from Stockholm's syndrome.

Discard your cognitive dissonance.

See JavaScript for what it is -- a shitty language everyone was forced to use. 

PS: Don't even get me started on Java ...

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    I'm curious to hear your opinion on java...
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    How about java? 😈
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    JS has some pretty neat things in it that others don't. My favourites are probably it's async nature and it being a somewhat functional language (functions are first class objects is JS)

    Edit: obviously JS isn't the only language where Functions are first class objects

    Edit2: Why do you hate JS anyway?

    Edit3: fuck my autocorrect
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    Wutface, have you actually written things in JavaScript commercially?

    You sound like a whiny brat who doesn't actually program :o

    I'll be over here, rapidly making microservices that are easy to maintain and painless to deploy while you do whatever it is you do 😏😏😏
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    I feel dumb now.
    No idea what that syndrome is for and the line followed.

    Forget JavaScript language,
    going to learn English language now.
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    @github English is far worse than any programming language

    And I say that as an Englishman
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    There are languages that everyone complains about and there are languages that no one uses.
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    @Ezard This proves that humans like and develop more into what they love to do.
    I have been studying English language since the very beginning of my education. But, programming way too late. And still better in atleast a single programming language than the English language.

    And you being an Englishman. Haha. I feel better now.
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    Brilliant Analogy. Let me give you a few claps... oh wait this is not Medium...
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    I 100% agree with you. JavaScript lovers have Stockholm syndrome.

    Except that I don't see what it has to do with political correctness.
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    If there was a forum like this in the 90s people would've said the same about c++.. still each and everything was/is made with it.

    JavaScript is the next thing we don't really overhaul but wrap it more and more until we write a completely diffe... uhm.. Typescript.
    It's a matter of time until someone invents some new shit surpassing Javascript.

    The only thing that pushes it is that people never used of any other languages really but want platform independence. But how independent is your 42kb sized product if it needs a fuckload of engine to be used?

    Disclaimer: I love JS and TS. But it's a fucking trend that gets pushed a bit too far.
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    Oh and the use the-right-tool-but-its-the-only-one point you stated is 100% true.😊
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    *hugs JavaScript* I love it.

    Java on the other hand...
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    All I read was "hurr durr I can't make it work. Must be that shitty language"

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    Just a few little things to screw with your head :)
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    @wxcazee political correctness as in it seems that we somehow aren't allowed to say language X sucks anymore.

    "Use the right tool for the job" because every tool deserves to be loved and used ...
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    @Golank @wilhelmina Here's a nice lil essay from Joel Spolsky on Java Schools


    Some points aren't valid anymore (i.e. Java has added some functional stuff), because it was written back in 2005.
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    @daintycode I completely agree.

    I should try TypeScript someday. I've heard good things about it.
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    It's interesting to see how it's

    "yeah fuck that fucken php!"

    but it's like

    "whaddidcha say bout ma js??!" 😁

    Y'all need to try some pascal. After that, you love everything else. Completely biased opinion.
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    Every time a local company shows up at my university and says they use JavaScript for EVERYTHING, the entire room erupts in groans, "no"s, and anguished looks. It's hilarious.
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    @Commodore and where did you get that "I can't make it work"-part from?
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    @codebanana You can also use Elm!!! Much recommended!
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    @codebanana what is your solution for this?
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