How to tell this person nicely, to provide meaningful commit messages?

I know it took me probably for ever to learn it myself, and not all of them are meaningful, but come on ...

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    Come on! Commit to your messages!

    Also... Welcome to DevRant :]
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    Just tell them straight up, but do it with a friendly tone. Also, make sure to explain why you need meaningfull messages, what a meaningfull message is and that you don't expect them to get it right at once but do expect them to at least try.
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    Oh, and also: compliment them when they do get it right.
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    Yeah, explain why they're useful, not just for you but for them too
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    "You can't just put 'git commit' as your commit message.. we may need those later to see why things changed. at least put the ticket number in please."
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    I learned to message my commits day 1 but, it's hard figuring out name that tells who's looking at it what I did
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    Server-side git hook mate.

    Rejecting pushes with janky messages would do it.
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    Tell him to explain to you each change on each commit hehe it could work 🤣
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