FINALLY got my Raspberry Pi Zero W after 2 months of waiting, comment me some cool projects to do with it

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    Vps with pihole, provide me free service for 5 years, I got dirty work to do under the radar
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    @sam9669 Okay Señor Escobar
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    @Mizz141 That'll cost me
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    @ScribeOfGoD That would be nice
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    @HRT-713 easiest setup ever. Works on full distros as well
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    Somehow... I don't like that thing.
    I never came up with something it could be meant.

    You've got a tiny super low power computer.
    Naturally I would say: headless networking device.
    But it got relatively good graphics and no networking.
    So... Nope

    Maybe a mobile something?
    Lacks networking and you'll need to connect some USB-Peripherals. So you would need a OTG adapter, which is about half the size of the zero and makes it chunky for a mobile device.

    Maybe connect stuff over Bluetooth? Well... No Bluetooth.

    Home TV / Kodi Player ...
    Hooking up a IR sensor on the pins...
    Yea... Could work.
    again: no Networking.
    Playing Media from a USB drive --> need OTG dongle.

    Only useful thing: it got a camera connector.
    You could write some scripts that apply filters on it and display them on a HDMI screen.
    You could even save them on SD.
    Or Face detection in combination with something connected to the pin header.

    Whatever else you would want to do:
    take another RasPi or (for price) OrangePi
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    Learn Bare Metal programming, like chess game, in Assembly language.

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    Don't use mini-hdmi you can use the USB both for power and data, then use vnc
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    Automated garden watering (based on weather data)
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    @Anaeijon It has built in wireless bluetooth and wi-fi
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    @incognito I live in an appartment, so that wouldn't work yet nice idea
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    I didn't know about the new versions.
    But according to google, only the RaspberryPi Zero W has Bluetooth and WiFi, which is only available since 2017 and doubled the official price.
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    @Anaeijon Yeah that's the one I have
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    I am making it part of my PLC :D
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    @mngr nice idea
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    @mngr How are you doing it?
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    There is a lot of open source project for machine-control with a raspberry.
    OpenPLC or Machinekit, just to give you a couple of names.
    I use Machinekit on the RPi, and I will use a "arduino" too, cause I need a huge amount of contacts, and I will work on the connection between it and the raspberry, this will be the project for my bachelor degree!!!
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    @mngr thanks a lot
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