Stop asking which Linux distro is best. Seriously there is no "best" one. Arch is best FOR ME. Debian or Fedora might be your cup of tea. But I have great news for you, they are all FREE and there is free virtualization software you can try them on. Stop asking a stupid question that only gets opinionated answers and flame wars and go try them for yourself.

Also, while I'm on the topic. Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu XFCE etc. are all the same distro, they just have a different DE (desktop environment for you noobs). It's like on Monday I wear a suit but Tuesday I wear shorts and a tee shirt, it's still me, I'm just dressed differently.

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    For me Arch was the best until I wanted to do some Haskell programming
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    @jAsE Ah windows, only good to let sunlight and a cold breeze in
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    @jAsE Tends to be a trend of things being good for nothing becoming the best around
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    @jAsE Linux wasn't built for the desktop ?then why do we have gnome shell, kde, unity, enlightenment, mate , cinnamon , i3, bspwm etc ..
    After years running Gnome shell I find it hard to do the simple task of adjusting the volume on a Windows machine ....
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    @jAsE that's because you don't know what easy is .. from what you have written it's evident that you haven't used a modern Linux distro ..Linux both gnome and kde has more uniform and more modern UIs than Windows
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    @jAsE I gnome shell I can hover my mouse over the volume icon and use the scroll wheel .. I don't have media keys ..plus on gnome I can adjust volume of different apps without having to go to settings
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    @jAsE one click too much
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    @jAsE lol your whole not made for desktop thing just fell apart and that's what you have to say ? so now you are arguing that ease of use is not important? Why'd I use something difficult to use if I got an easy option ?
    What you just said about Linux might be based on your textbook understanding of the Oses that use Linux kernel but not from experience .. sometimes it's better to admit that there are things you didn't know before ..
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