God dammit ... Gf said I should go "early" to bed and not like last night at 3 am. Now it's 4:20 am...

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    Blaze it
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    Is she also your mom? Who tell other people when to go to bed?
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    After 12:00 in midnight, it's considered as new day and if you go to bed at 4 in the morning, I would say you're killing it!!
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    @Pavr maybe she cares about his well-being
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    Getting work done feels great and all, but your health and your girlfriend's concerns should come first. You shouldn't worry her by staying up too long.
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    @marthulu maybe i don't know anything about them so let uw just go with that :) i'm just happy that nobody cares about my well-being. But each to their own.
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    The worse thing is that I am not even doing anything useful or productive most of the time.
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