Linux or Windows or Mac or chrome os?

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    There is no competition.

    Beside Microsoft and Apple.

    Linux is always number one ..

    I don’t think anyone fucks with chrome
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    What about BSD, React, AIX and Solaris?
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    For every day use: chromeOS
    For game dev: windows unfortunately
    For everything else: Linux
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    Linux first.
    BSD second.
    There is no third, fourth, tenth, etc.
    Windows comes in a very very distant second last.
    ChromeOS in very last place.
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    Each OS has its strengths.
    Servers, running on any damn thing, etc: Linux.
    Dev work: All. Seriously. You might be able to single out features that are better for a certain type of dev in one OS, but overall? Evenly matched.
    Gaming: Windows.
    Content creation: Windows, MacOS, Linux to a very limited extent (some Autodesk software/Blender/Ardour).
    Best UX if you like clicking around: MacOS.
    Best CLI: Linux.
    Configurability/freedom to hack around: Linux.
    Enterprise environments: Windows, Linux.
    Hardware support: Windows, MacOS.
    And so on.

    Then you have all the stuff about free and open source software - Linux wins this without even trying. This may or may not be a major concern for you.

    Haven't used ChromeOS, so no clue about that.
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    Obviously everyone starts with either windows or mac. And there is nothing wrong with that. And yes, if you want to explore open source world easily, Linux is the answer. You can still achieve the same with either windows or mac but they are not the same. I switched to Linux and never looked back.
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    Is that even question? Of course Linux is number one:)
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    @Root so... Windows is still third
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    @lxmcf I use Linux for game development and it works just fine with the Godot Engine. (Though I'm not a professional game developer, I did quite a lot things)
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    And what is with z/OS? 🌚
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    @sudorm-rf Yeah I use Gamemaker Studio 2 and it only has a Mac and windows IDE :'-(
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    temple OS?
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    I choose downvote
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    Linux - #1 and always my favorite.

    Windows - It's okay. I don't hate it and still use it.

    Mac - I am not a fan of it nor do I like it.

    Chrome - I hate it with a burning passion.
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    @Root This. Especially with chrome os last!
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    Linux and Mac both have native terminal emulators and native shells, so they top my list. Linux edges out Mac for having native x11 support. Windows is only useful, in my opinion, for software that had been written only with Windows support. If I ever use it, it's with spite and a held nose, or for cloud gaming, via parsec.

    I have never used chrome os, but I assume it's just a wrapper for real content, which I get already with other operating systems on good hardware.
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    Fedora 27,
    Although thinking of replacing it with centos, because the fast releases are annoying and takes to much time fixing errors that occurred during upgrades.
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    @bahua powershell
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    @tahnik powershell is different then bash...
    And bash for windows is not native, it’s much like wine..
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    @valvy powershell is the equavalent of what bash is in unix systems. Just wanted to point that out.
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    Powershell is a programmatic interface to the system's API. It's not something on which users are encouraged to check their email, edit files, browse the web, or even run other applications.

    When you issue a command in Powershell, you're using Powershell commands and Powershell syntax. It is not intended for normal users to reside in, on a day to day basis.

    A user shell, like bash, ksh, csh, and zsh(among many, many others), has its own syntax and commands, but the vast majority of the software being executed is not the shell. These other programs (ls, sed, awk, df, and zillions more) talk to the shell, but they each have their own syntax.

    The old cmd.exe/command.com is a much closer analog to a shell, in terms of use, intent, and functionality. Powershell is much closer in functionality and scope to running python or ruby interactively.

    Also, Powershell monolithically runs in its own rigid UI, and a shell runs in whatever console interface the user chooses.
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    @bahua I don't know why the technical differences matter here that much. At the end, what matters is what you can do with it.

    Similar to bash, you can execute software that has it's own syntax in powershell. It's not limited to just system APIs.

    What I was trying to mean was, if you know powershell syntaxes like you would know bash (or the software it executes), it would give you similar power compared to shell. My comment was mostly an answer to the following statement:

    "Windows is only useful, in my opinion, for software that had been written only with Windows support."

    People that are used to powershell syntax can be a power user and use great software that Windows has.
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    The differences matter because in the end, it makes Powershell an esoteric piece of software intended only for power users, specifically of Microsoft systems. It isn't usable anywhere else. Powershell is for Microsoft professionals. The shell is for everyone.
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    For Programming Linux
    For Art and design Mac
    For game development Windows
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