I spent hours setting up Laravel Valet on Ubuntu (virtual hosts with a custom TLD) e.g myproject.dev

I just found out why it was not working. Because fucking Google bought 100+ domains in the .dev gTLD and added them in Google Chrome Hosts as well. Now they redirect the url automatically to HTTPS.

Any ideas on a new test development TLD?
I was thinking .fuckgoogle but that's too long

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    It's their gTLD, they can do whatever the fuck they want. Use .test,a tld created specifically for this exact use case.
    Besides that - a self signed ca is not that hard to accomplish and signing a csr is done in 10min tops.
    Clearly speaking - If you would have invested the time writing this rant in setting up your CA, you would be halfway done.
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    .fuck sound like a pretty good TLD regardless.

    otherwise: .local
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    @Kimmax yes.. yes.. but that isn't the point of devRant.
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    @Kimmax The HTTPS is not the issue. It redirects to
    As far as the bitching is concerned...I'm not the only one who used .dev
    .test is 4 letters...
    I'll just miss .dev
    thats all.
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    .local is reserved for mdns, service auto discovery
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    Heres more info on it: https://devrant.com/rants/1110763/...

    Google acquired even more tlds and set them into HSTS.
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    @nbamaral ah, so that's where I got it from ;p
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