Upon deleting a file,
Filename too long. Delete file permanently?
*just windows things*

Maybe I'm not that well informed but wouldn't the option of allowing user to rename it or removing excess characters from filename be a better option?

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    Wasn't the permanent deletion of the file most likely the reason of the action in the first place? Otherwise you could just press No, and then do any of the actions you mentioned.
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    You probably can't rename the file either if its name/path is too long #justwindowsthings
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    @7400 pretty sure I have done that, whenever that has happened to me. (Been a while though, so can't be 100% sure).
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    I don't really understand. Why can't the Recycle Bin handle long file names?
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    @rjedlin it is a small bin not a black hole 👻
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    @rjedlin how windows handle some things is still a mystery to me. I usually solve this using programs like long path tool, or similar.
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    I used to get this all the time with node_modules and their dependencies.
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    I also had a folder that I couldn't delete at all because when i chose the "delete permanently" option it would show the "computing how time its gonna take" dialog forever. (or at least ~ 10 hours)
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