I'm a backend (Java, Kotlin) developer and I mainly design & develop services and Android apps which consume these services.

My team in my current organization (I've been working here since past 2 years) just got merged with another team.

And now the new boss wants me to fix some fuck ups in their project which is written in C#, with some WCF and other stuff.

As this stuff is completely new for me, I asked for some time to get familiar with the environment. But the answer was a big NO.

As a result, "I've started looking out for a new job"

Fuckin management screws up everything!

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    But... C# is the exact same as java...
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    @BindView Totally agree. But it's not only C#. It has arrived with the whole package. WCF and all other stuff for which I wanted some time to explore!!
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    @SoulSkrix I've already lost my cool mate!
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    Learning new technology is a part (maybe the main) of the job. Don't ask for this. If someone ask you, why you're late on a task : I am taking more time than usual because I have to understand how this new thing works.
    But, don't hesitate to quit. Managers (and all f*unkin useless positions) have to deeply understand this fact: we, developers, are making the hard work. No devs, no product, no money, no managers.
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