Fuck yea!
My employer just approved, that I can use my own opensource project, at the company project.

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    @g-m-f What I meant to say: what I worked on, in my private time, not work time.
    Sorry for the bad english, I fixed the topic post.
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    Does he pay you anything extra for that?
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    @Makenshi No, but I already am fairly payed. I'm happy that I, at least partially, can work on my oss at work time.
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    Ok. Personally I would be bothered to give my work away for free, since he is going to use it commercially and make money out of it.

    Also be sure that he doesn't "own" the changes you make to your framework while working. Many contracts have conditions, that any code produced during working hours is owned by your employer.
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    @Makenshi well, that's free software in my opinion.
    I'm happy that my baby get's a job and will mature on this project.

    @Floydian I could have used any other framework, but decided to recommend my own. I'll work on it anyway at my free time, independently from my employer. And to get payed to develop on opensource software, is a dream of mine.
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    @Floydian of course :)
    I think it's a good thing when companies invest time and money in opensource software. It's benefitting everybody.
    And my boss will earn his money anyway, if he uses opensource or doesn't.
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    @Floydian hm, I have to disagree on that one. The biggest opensource projects are made by companies.
    Sure they do it because of egoistic motivation, but I'm fine with that if the public profits from it as well.
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    @Bitwise yes it is! thank you :)
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    Nobody asks the real question, can you link your open source project?
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    @Wavum sure thing, but I have to admit that it's not yet production ready.
    I have to write more documentation..


    It's a component library much like react, but with a functional and typesecure approach. And fixes a few conceptual issues, that react has. E.g. the hacky higher-order-components, at my framework you just cleanly inform the components what dependencies it has.
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    @plusgut Fuck yeah! Typescript! Your framework looks great.
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    @Wavum thank you :)
    In the next couple of month it will mature a lot, and then I can recommend using it.
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    @plusgut you need to write a post about it when it is ready
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    @Wavum I'll do that :)
    This framework is my baby, I started working on it five years ago at my previous employer and got used at different middle-to-large projects.
    But the licenses were at our customers and my employer, I couldn't use it myself for my own projects.

    That's why I rewrote the whole thing and made it opensource. It's now the fifth iteration of the complete codebase and now I'm finally satisfied with it.

    I'll recommend to everybody to write frameworks or other libraries, you'll learn so much in the process. Because you have to think very abstract and think about all the use cases you want to cover.
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    Be careful, my understanding is that technically any code you write while on the clock for your company is owned by the company, not you... at least in the USA (but ianal). Unless you have something in writing (and worded properly) to state otherwise. Just saying, be careful with ‘your baby’ ;)
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    That's awesome! :)
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    @agaskins thanks for the advice, I'll check on that.
    @theCalcaholic yes it is! :)
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    This is really interesting. Given that it's sort of a "hot topic", have you considered blogging or maybe write about this as the project progresses? If you can of course. Also, good luck! :)
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    @essi that's actually a good idea, I never thought about it.
    I'll do that, when the project is a little more matured. Thanks for the idea.
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    Keep happiness to a minimum, thank you. /s
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    @ifti4425 no.
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    @essi same here. But as I discussed on a opensource forum, we must not mention the name of the project, or client who is using your project until you've written permission from them.

    My some projects are being used in 3-4 big companies but I couldn't mentioned it, as I've no written permission.
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