Take a break folks,
From work,
From code,
From tension,
From bugs,

Take a car, drive to the country side, breathe the fresh air, ride horses,
Have a meal, stay for a day or two, without internet, and then Be back to work.

This is what we all need now :D

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    @Alice : try it out, it's bliss :)
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    I'm about to go on a volcano safari in Indonesia for four months. That'll be the longest I've gone without internet or a computer for... well, since I was a kid :P
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    Wish I could just take a car. Every bastard I've met seems to ask money for one.
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    @DLMousey : lol bro :D
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    @Alice Bob insist.
    Even Bob needs time out !😛😉
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    I don't have my driver license 😅
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    My escape plan includes a land house in the forests of Canada, where during the evenings I just sit in a leather armchair, and stare at the fire. Maybe I read these paper things called "books", with a glass of bourbon in my hand. During the day I ride an emu wearing a cape, to herd my alpacas grazing on green mountain meadows.

    I don't know shit about animal farming, but it can never be as stressful as maintaining large PHP projects.
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    @bittersweet : Your escape plan sounds awesome :D
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    Would do, but I live miles away from countryside with no car, money, or horses.

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    I need a break from coding.

    Hacktoberfest + Google Code In + Global Game Jam soon. It's exhausting
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    @DLMousey I don't drive so it's definitely not my car... Or my horse.
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    My break from programming is programming...
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