Started off a developer 6 months back. I seem to have lost control of my life. I wake up at 8, be at work at 9am, get back home by 7 or 8pm, dinner, learn, work on my platform, sleep at 12am or 1am and the cycle continues.

I have no time for taking care of myself, no working out, no grooming, no family time, no time with friends, nothing naada! It scares me that I don't have that balance.

I always feel like I'm not good enough and I'm curious by nature, because of these, I sit my ass down and work / learn like crazy because I want to be good but I fear for my health, I'm 22, so I can live for now like this but this lifestyle will ruin my future, I've started getting back problems and shit, that was the wake up call!

How do you guys do it? work - life balance? I believe this information is vital for everyone starting out as a developer.

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    @Floydian, thank you man. I really need to sit down, prioritize and get my life under control.
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    @1989 , oh man that's bad.
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    It's not that bad. Sooner or later you'll find your priorities. I force myself to work around 40 hours not much more. If a company doesn't like that then they can terminate me and I'll even find a company that pays a lot more than these people do now... Now I have expierence in a professional capacity
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    Hustling and working really hard, especially at your age, is not a bad thing. But you absolutely need some boundaries. The work you’re doing to advance your career is important. You know that. Now put an importance level on your personal life and health and balance the three accordingly. It sounds like all your focus is on your career but your personal life and health deserve some of that focus. Break it up a bit.
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    I suggest working out at home. All it takes is 1 hour. 30 minutes to work out - 30 minutes to rest+shower. 3 months and you will see significant progress in your body and your mental ability. Convert all that frustration and stress into energy during workout.
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