Ok, so my "so called friend" from high school calls me up and requests me for a CMS for his hoax call center business. I didn’t want to do it and didn't have the time so make the busy excuse.
He keeps on insisting and asking it for old time's sake etc.
Finally we decide a price of 80k(rupees not dollars).

I somehow, found the time and made about half of it in 3 days(Laravel rocks) while the time we agreed upon was 1.5 months as I could only work on weekends.

Suddenly he feels, he has got enough to get it working and says just add 1-2 more features, don't make the complete thing. I felt really angry as be was trying to waive off almost all the money as he thought it got done early.

Finally we agreed on 40k, but I wanted some payment up front.
This was 2 months ago. Since then he has ranted about how he has no money but is going to give me as soon as he gets it.

Now, he is dodging my calls and I don't think the the money is ever coming. I desperately needed it for a laptop.

I had already stopped the feature of adding more users(Create) from the CMS.

What do you think I should do?
1 Delete everything (I still have SSH)
2 Send info to all his clients about his hoax business as I have about 200 payment infos.
3 Do nothing
4 {Add your own}

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    send emails to his clients. If he runs a scam business he deserves to get shit on.

    then again so do you for going forward knowing this...
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    backup the files and take the site down. don't be disgruntled and contact his customers nor ever admit you know it's a hoax. that makes you an accomplice
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    @craig939393 I agree that I helped him, but I was just making a CMS. I don't think I enabled him or encouraged him in any way.
    And i am not sure its scam, its just one of those "selling you tech support" kinda businesses.
    So, I guess yeah, its a sacm :p
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    Like woosh said back up and take the site down and walk away!
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    First of all you shouldn't have delivered the pros so fast. If you are going faster than agreed then just us that time to finish.
    Since you have the SSH, you could take the site down, maybe out a maintenance page in there so the users don't panic, and ask him for payment. Since you did the job he has to pay in order for you to deliver the product.
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    @da-baws yeah but they have taken backups by now, most probably(of the code I mean). Most probably the data is still only in the db and no backups exist, except with me I mean.
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    Hmm.. I want to know what the proper way to handle this would be, as well.

    You could add a scheduled maintenance downtime and perhaps some revenue ads to fund yourself a little ( not sure about legality here ).. :p
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    Take out your work, and answer is 10th call, and say, if you wanna utilise my service anymore, you need to pay me 40K right now and 40K after 2 months. Once you get min of 25K, make it live.
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    sudo rm -rf /
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    #2 is likely illegal

    Unless you have a written agreement that he owns the stuff, you can delete it legally :) #1 it is
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    Woke up today and first thing I did was #1
    Considering #2 as he can't do squat about legal since he himself is doing shady stuff!
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