I don't get government spending on education programs for coding. What's the point? Affirmative action?

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    I don't get government investing in 'Solar Roadways' either, but I guess investing in a project that 1 out of 100,000 students will get interested in is less of a waste.
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    @HelloUglyWorld that was the worse case of literally money burning (since the fucking thing got in fire to begin with) or lowkey money laundering
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    I don't get governments which aren't investing in it. Seriously, nobody around me knows a single thing about that kinda stuff. For example, nobody has ever wondered how this weird block in their pocket which you can touch to do things works. I feel like I'm in the wrong country :/
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    @Eleos My country doesn't invest in it, but according to hackaton we are top 3 country in terms of programmers (despite insane amounts of young people leaving this country each year).

    If your people don't give a damn about programming then no amount of money invested into educating them will change that.

    Just like no amount of education about 'fuel extraction' will suddenly make women want to work on oil rigs.
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