wk87 is a dangerous topic for me, i've been through a lot. I apologise for what I am about to inflict on this network over the coming week.

Most incompetent co-worker, candidate 1, "T".

T was an embedded C developer who talked openly about how he's been writing code since he was 14, knew all the C system libraries and functions like the back of his hand. For the most part, he did ... but not how to actually use them, as (based on his shocking ... well everything) he was inflicted by some sort of brain disorder not yet fully understood by medical science. Some highlights:

- Myself and the CTO spent 4 days teaching him what a circle buffer was and how to build one.
- His final circle buffer implementation had about 3 times as much code as he actually needed.
- When the code was running too slowly on the device, we didn't try find any performance improvements, or debug anything to see if there was anything taking too long. No not with T, T immediately blamed TCP for being inefficient.
- After he left we found a file called "TCP-Light" in his projects folder.
- He accused the CTO of having "violent tendencies" because he was playing with a marker tossing it up in the air and catching it.
- He once managed to leave his bank statements, jumper and TROUSERS in the bathroom and didn't realise until a building wide email went out.
- He once .... no hang on, seriously his fucking trousers, how?
- He accused us all of being fascists because we gave out to him for not driving with his glasses, despite the fact his license says he needs to (blind as a bat).

... why were his trousers off in the first place? and how do you forget ... or miss the pile of clothes and letters in a small bathroom.

Moving on, eventually he was fired, but the most depressing thing of all about T, is that he might not even be top of my list.

Tune in later for more practiceSafeHex's most incompetent co-worker!!!

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    You sir, have gained my full attention. This was one of the best reads ever I thank you. Lol
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    Cool name, is that a fresh prince reference?
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    Been a long time since ideas a great rant like this. Thank you
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    @Wozza365 I don’t recall fresh prince having any CS or programming jokes in it?

    Anyway no it’s not a fresh prince reference, it’s a nerd reference with a play on words about having safe sex. Which is ironic because anyone who understands that more than likely doesn’t have any
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    I'm still in stitches from when I read "violent tendencies" hahaha
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    @practiseSafeHex he says the same thing in an episode where they are hexed by one of those spirit people.
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    @practiseSafeHex speak for yourself 😉
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    @practiseSafeHex stalking you now for the rest of the week
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    Insta-subscribed to your rants. I just want to watch the world burn, vicariously through your stories hoping I never have the displeasure to work with someone as crude as this.
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