Having a new Thinkpad Model feels like having a MacBook. Ram is broken. Can’t replace it because it’s soldered to the Motherboard. So what should I do with it? 🤔

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    Use it as a coaster like you would with a macbook
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    Maybe don't buy an extra slim ultrabook if you don't want soldered Ram.

    My Thinkpad is just 1 year old and I can replace almost everything except the CPU.
    I bought it exactly because the Surface Pro I used before it was broken for a few months and even Microsoft couldn't do anything except tell me "buy another one". That was the day I decided to only buy Linux-compatible, maintainable hardware. No regrets.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I disagree.
    There will always be big fat laptops just like there will always be big fat PC towers, and when weight and dimensions aren't the highest priority there's no reason to make everything smaller than necessary.

    And it doesn't hurt to look closely before you buy. If Lenovo solders RAM on their T series then don't fucking buy a T model. Somebody else will gladly sell you one with replacable hardware.
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    Use it as a think pad.
    Rest your head onto the pad.
    Think for a while.
    Fall asleep.
    Have a power nap.
    Get up again and benefit from your former thoughts.
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