I attempted an online test for a Java Developer role at a pretty big company.
The test had a JavaScript question.


Just to clarify, the job description had no mention of JS

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    Basically the same thing 🙃... Lol (JS dev by trade)
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    Same here, i wonder if it's the same company?
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    I might do the same if I made a test like that. And a question in C++.

    Why? It says something about the candidate if they can/not solve problems in different languages, even if it's not part of the job to work in those languages.
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    @Inject quite possible
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    @disolved aren't those completely different scenarios? During a test you don't have access to documentation, references etc but while working hands-on you have access to multiple resources.
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    Could be a question to set the curve. Probably just a douchebag from HR tho.
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    @SubhrajyotiSen different scenarios? If you don't know the language already, yes. But I ment I'd like to test if you do indeed already know this language, at least the basics.
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